Episode 116: All of us must come to you   

November 29, 2023Dave Lambert
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A number of years ago, my wife Pam and I were members of Raccoon Ford Christian Fellowship, a church in rural Virginia. Pat Bopp was our pastor at the time and he described coming to Christ this way: "God hands us a blank sheet of paper and says, 'Sign here: I'll fill the rest out later.'" When I gave my life to Jesus in 1971, I had no idea what adventures He had planned for me; the practical ways He would care of me; the beautiful and faithful wife He had for me; the life-changing children He would give me; the interesting and fulfilling career He planned for me; and all of the wonderful friendships I would experience. Life with Jesus was a blank sheet of paper at that time and He has been filling it out ever since! As I look back, I also look forward and it makes me think about today's passage. Let's listen to it:

What mighty praise, O God, belongs to you in Zion. We will fulfill our vows to you, for you answer our prayers. All of us must come to you. Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, you forgive them all. (Psalm 65:1-3)

In today's passage, the psalmist proclaims the goodness of God, saying, "What mighty praise, O God, belongs to You." Mighty praise...I like that, don't you? Our mighty God deserves mighty praise! What's so mighty about Him? The psalmist says, "All must come to You." The Living Bible says, "All mankind will come to you." The Good News Translation says, "People everywhere will come to you." God’s Word is clear: everyone everywhere will eventually come to Him, believers and unbelievers alike. You and I might try to avoid God in this life, but no matter who you are, how important or how seemingly insignificant you might think you are, each of us, one day, will day come face to face with God. The passage ends with this powerful statement: "Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, you forgive them all." Have you ever been overwhelmed by your sins? I have. I’ve come face to face with my inability to overcome my sin. I know my failures. Maybe you know yours too. But when we come to Him in repentance and faith, He forgives them all.

Take time today to praise God. He will answer your prayers and will forgive all of your sins...and that's very Good News! 

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