Episode 196: I was stupid

June 03, 2024Dave Lambert
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This week we continue with Asaph on his journey from doubt to faith. This is a familiar journey for most of us, and it’s encouraging to know that others are sharing the road with us! We’ve seen that Asaph, despite being a significant spiritual leader, had his struggles. It is good that Asaph was willing to share his experiences, because we often think that others don’t have the same doubts that we do. We're often afraid to admit it to others, for fear of how they might think of us. But if we want to change, we must start our journey from where we are, not from where we wish we were! Asaph was discouraged because he was working hard on being good and doing the right thing even while wicked and ungodly people who didn’t trust God, seemed to be doing just great! Eventually, he sought God in the sanctuary of the Temple. Today, let’s pick up where we left off:

When my heart was filled with bitterness and my mind was seized with envy, I was stupid, and I did not understand. I was like a dumb animal in your presence. Yet, I am always with you. You hold on to my right hand. With your advice you guide me, and in the end you will take me to glory. (Psa. 73:21-24)

This passage is so important! When you and I go into God’s Presence, we become aware of our own sinfulness. This lines up with my own experience. I’ll begin praying about some issue or looking for guidance, when God makes me aware of how sinful I am! As Asaph realized how he had been bitter, envious, foolish and ignorant, he confessed and repented of his sin. I once heard pastor and teacher Bob Mumford share a story about a German nun. One day, she looked out the convent window and saw several construction workers trying to start a gasoline-powered cement mixer. They pulled and pulled on the starter cord, but to no avail. Then the men dropped to their knees, confessing and repenting of their sins. One of the workers got to his feet and pulled the starter cord—just once. The mixer roared to life! We’ll never know exactly why that mixer came to life, but one thing is sure—when we confess our sins, Jesus forgives them and we experience a fresh new start in our relationship with God. In Asaph’s case, he discovered God’s guidance—and—a glimpse into his future: a glorious eternity with God.

How are you coming along on your journey from doubt to faith? Are you making progress? Don't worry; God will help you along the way. Not only that, He's going to receive you into His glorious Presence for all eternity—and that is very Good News!

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