Episode 22: Let Us See You Work Again 

April 24, 2023Dave Lambert
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When Pam and I surrendered our lives to Jesus in the early 70’s, we were a part of the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit among young people all around the world. I continue to be amazed at the number of people in our generation who gave their lives to Jesus during that time, people who didn’t seem to me like they would be good candidates for church membership, but who, 50  years later, are continuing to serve God in wonderful ways all over the world. What a joy it is to have taken part in that move of God! Today’s brief passage reminds me of those days and my prayer for the future: 

Let us, Your servants, see You work again; let our children see Your glory. 
Psa. 90:16 (New Living Translation) 

Every time I read today’s passage, it strikes me how this Scripture is my prayer for my own children and for our grandson. It’s also my prayer for the children and grandchildren of those people who, like me in my youth, were part of that great outpouring. We all came to Christ because we had an encounter with God. We saw God move in our lives and the lives of people around us. For us, the message of Jesus really was "Good News". It wasn’t a message that we can become church members or become more religious; we discovered that we can know this supernatural living God; that He wants to have a relationship with us and that we could have a relationship with Him. I pray that you too are experiencing God in this way. Many of the people we know from those days raised their children in Jesus but those children are not experiencing a living relationship with God today. They might have memorized Bible verses; they might have learned the “language” of Christianity and know good doctrine; but they haven’t had their own encounters with Him. If you, like me, want your children and grandchildren to know God and to walk with Him through this life, pray with me today the prayer of the psalmist: “Lord, let our children see Your glory!” 

When our children, and their children, see and experience God’s glory, there’s no greater Good News! 

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