Episode 54: What does God like?  

July 07, 2023Dave Lambert
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In this devotion, “What does God like?” Dave reminds us of God’s gracious heart towards the needy and those suffering injustice. And now, Dave’s devotion.  

One of the things I like about God is that He cares about people in very practical ways. He provides food and air and water and a planet on which it is safe for us to live. These days, I have been very happy that God helps scientists to understand viruses and to create medications that can help shorten the timeline of diseases. I’m grateful how it helped my wife Pam when she came down with COVID. God cares about my wife. God cares about all people who love Him. But unlike most of us, God also cares about people who don’t love Him. He even cares about people who hate Him. Today, let’s take a moment to consider a simple and brief passage that can help us to understand God a little bit better and help us to participate with Him in His mission in our world: 

He brings about justice for those who are oppressed. He gives food to those who are hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free. (Psalm 146:7) 

I like this passage; it’s simple and direct. What does God like? He likes justice for oppressed people. He likes providing food for people who are hungry. Maybe they’re hungry because they’re oppressed. Maybe they’re hungry because of financial disaster or mental health issues or poor choices. Whatever the reason, God likes it when we provide food for those who are in need. He also likes to set prisoners free. This isn’t entirely symbolic, like with people who are prisoners of their own addictions, although that is certainly true. God also likes to free people who are in actual prisons. Sometimes these prisoners cannot be freed because they represent a danger to the people around them but sometimes they are imprisoned for reasons which are not helped by being locked up in prisons. Have you ever thought about that? Many of us don’t think very much about what happens to prisoners; we often assume that if they are in prison, they are getting what they deserve. Sometimes people are imprisoned because they cannot afford good attorneys while people who can afford get better representation and are released. Did you know that some people are imprisoned because with their prison record, they could not get jobs to pay their prison bills? When these bills are not paid, these men and women are returned to prison. God cares about these people and their practical life situations...and if we love God, we must learn to care about what He cares about, as well.  

How about you? Do you care about the things God cares about? Are you doing anything about it? 

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